Why is MSP a MUST Have if you are targeting international markets? to:

  • Discover profitable international markets
  • Avoid unprofitable international markets

What are the benefits of MSP (Market Signal Processing)?

  • Discover a profitable international market which you may never have considered
  • Conduct return on investment research quickly
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Access up-to-date information in a rapidly changing market

What are the underlying technologies of MSP?

  • Digital Signal Processing, commonly used in communications and electrical engineering
  • Cloud-based Big Data technology
  • Advanced Data Mining technology

What are the key features of MSP?

  • FAST: Conduct extensive international market research in hours, instead in weeks or months
  • OBJECTIVE: Come to conclusions based on extensive data searches using cloud-based big data

Why is MSP's nickname iKinsey?

  • We used to call MSP the "Poor Man's McKinsey"
  • Our customers suggested that we change MSP to iKinsey or Internet McKinsey

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